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How to Write a Thesis Statement that Works

Writing a thesis statement can be the most challenging part of paper writing. It is because thesis statements are crucial. Sometimes professors even have to give a separate evaluation to the quality of one’s thesis statement. The good news is that no matter how difficult the process can seem, it is actually easy when you get to the very core of it and have a clear idea of what makes a working thesis statement. Here are some hints that will help you get better at writing good thesis statements. 

What is a Thesis Statement?

At some point in their life, almost everyone finds themselves looking for ways to understand hpw to write a thesis statement and what it actually is. Now, what you need to remember is that a thesis statement is the very last sentence of your introduction section. It can also be two sentences in case your paper is long. 

A thesis statement means to generalize your paper and give the reader a clear idea of the topic you were focusing on and what you found or proved with the help of research and analysis. It is wrong to believe that the thesis statement is just another sentence in your introduction. In fact, it is the most important sentence in your whole paper. Some professors don’t even bother reading the whole paper when they see that the thesis statement is weak. The latter is a sort of an indication of just how good the whole paper is. 

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

Make Sure It Is Short and Simple

Brevity is the best thing here. The shorter it takes for you to express the main idea of your paper, the better. There is an app called Hemingway Editor, which can help you make sure your sentence is readable and easy to understand. Additionally, you can use Grammarly to remove all redundant words and make sure your grammar is perfect. Try not to use any flowery language: the world of academia prefers precision and simplicity. You can exercise your eloquence at a poetry class; otherwise, you might only get graded down for it.  

Avoid Generic Content

Generic content means that you are beating around the bush but aren’t actually getting to the point. That could fail your paper even if you conducted extensive research on your topic. With a thesis statement, you want to be as precise as possible about the subject matter of your paper. It is also important not to state something that is common sense like “smoking is bad.” There are hundreds of researches published every year, all of them proving that smoking is bad, so this has already become a common sense. If you do write about smoking, you need to be precise: why is it bad; how can you prove it; what damage does it do you health., etc. Here’s a structure that could help you: 

“Smoking shortens lifespan because it [does this], [this], [and this].” 

Come Up with a Disputable Claim 

The very purpose of a paper is about doing research and proving a point. Therefore, the statements you make and the claim you come up with should be disputable and arguable. This means that there should be room for someone to say, “I don’t agree because… .” Or at least there should be a reason to continue reading your paper. 

In the thesis statement provided above, the claim is “Smoking shortens lifespan,” it can be disputed. It is something one cannot claim without having to prove it. 

Be Careful With Expressing Your Opinion

Unless it is an opinion-based paper you are working on (if it is, your assignment will expressively say that), make sure not to say “I think” or “I believe.” Your thesis statement should be based on research, peer-reviewed articles, or at least reputable websites. Therefore, it is not about what you think, but it is about what science has already proved to be right. 

Introduce Something Original

As with paper writing in general, it is crucial that your thesis statement talks about an original idea you came up with as a result of your research. When grading your paper, your educator will expect to see some insightful ideas on what you managed to find or prove when working on the given assignment. Therefore, your thesis statement should be a result of your own analysis and conclusions. 

Consider It a Summary

In a way, your thesis statement is a summary of your work. It expresses the topic you were working on, the claim you want to make in regards to your topic, and the proof you can provide to support your claim. That is why a good thesis statement will always be something of a summary that gives the reader an idea of what the paper is about and what they can expect to learn when reading it.

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