Businesses given 3 days to convert prices from USD to gourde

One of the Haitian Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s officials Jonas Coffy. Photo credit: Gazette Haiti

The Haitian Ministry of Commerce and Industry has ordered businesses to comply with an old policy mandating that prices be converted from American dollars to gourde. Businesses that do not comply within three days will face a penalty. 

The regulation was first set on Sept. 19, 2018, according to the ministry, known by its French acronym MCI. In a published statement released Aug. 28, MCI mentioned “foreseeing the disastrous consequences” on the country, but did not specify what those are. Nor did it say what the penalty is for non-compliance. Continue reading

Gang leader arrested in Port-au-Prince

One of G9 gang’s leaders Albert ‘Jouma’ Stevenson was put behind bars. Photo credit: Trip Foumi

Police arrested Albert ‘Jouma’ Stevenson, one of G9 gang’s leaders, along Toussaint Louverture Boulevard in Port-au-Prince Wednesday. 

Stevenson was leading the G9 gang members located in Simon Pelé, Port-au-Prince. G9 members allegedly killed at least 12 people and set houses on fire in Bel-Air Monday. Continue reading

Port-de-Paix attorneys hold protest, suspend tribunals to denounce Dorval killing

Attorneys in Port-de-Paix marching to denounce Monferrier Dorval’s murder. Photo credit: Trip Foumi

About 20 attorneys in Port-de-Paix, one of Haiti’s largest cities located in the northwest, marched in the rain Tuesday to express their grief and protest conditions that led to the murder of Monferrier Dorval.

The attorneys also closed Port-de-Paix’s tribunals since Monday in protest. Attorneys in Port-au-Prince, whose bar Dorval headed, planned to march Thursday.

Demonstrations have taken place daily since Dorval’s killing Aug. 28 hours after he called for constitutional change. Continue reading

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