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Teleworking: Why You Need Trusted VPN Service

With the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and nation, millions of individuals are finding themselves working from home or seeking remote work alternatives. With an increase in online activity, data sharing, and connecting with business associates and coworkers, data breaches and attempted hacks have also skyrocketed and therefore become a major cause for concern. In order to combat potential hacking attempts or identity theft, obtaining and using a trusted VPN service is now more important than ever.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows individuals to connect safely, securely, and anonymously to websites across the internet with a secured private connection. Once an individual has obtained and begun using a safe and trusted VPN, they can protect their identity, browsing habits, and even activity in areas with public Wi-Fi connections or hotspots.

What is a VPN Used For?

Understanding what VPN is used for is important when seeking a trusted VPN service for your own browsing needs. VPNs are used for a wide range of reasons, from protecting corporate and user data to gaining access to region-specific content or websites across the internet. In some cases, websites or even important material may only be available to individuals who are located in a specific location, region, or country. Using a VPN helps an individual to bypass any filters, providing instant access to all websites that are currently blocked off and available to region-specific traffic.

VPNs are also notorious for protecting users from sharing data and personal information about themselves unwittingly to third-parties, social media tech conglomerates, and other websites that use tracking cookies today. With the increased and warranted scrutiny of the privacy of the average citizen today, VPNs are becoming increasingly popular among all users. VPNs are appealing to everyday individuals who simply want to protect themselves and the data they share about themselves online and are no longer reserved solely for the programming and techie crowd.

Risks of Teleworking Without a VPN

Before you begin working from home or sharing private and sensitive data with coworkers, employers, and associates, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the risks of teleworking and working from home without a trusted VPN service in place. Simply logging onto your home Wi-Fi network and sharing sensitive or personal information across an open network can put your entire company or employer at risk. Some ways that you may be at risk without a VPN when teleworking include:

• Not Enough Security for Built-In Remote Solutions: Even if you are utilizing a program for remote work on Windows, there is no guarantee that the network you are using is entirely safe, secure, and encrypted. Without a VPN in place, hackers may attempt to target individuals who are working for your employer with fake scams, files, or phishing emails.

• Working in Public Locations: Without a VPN in place, you run the risk of exposing personal information such as passwords, social security numbers, and other login credentials if you or another coworker chooses to work while accessing a public Wi-Fi hotspot or connection. Without a VPN service, any time you access the internet using a public and free WiFi service, you are putting all of your browsing history, login information, and conversations at risk. If you are traveling frequently or if you work for an international company or employer, you cannot go without a VPN if you want to take advantage of the flow of free information as much as possible throughout your workday.

• Financial and Legal Liability: If you are the owner of a company or if you are in charge of maintaining the protection and safety of client data and information, you may face financial or legal liability if the information is leaked due to not having proper security or VPN solutions in place. If the sensitive information of an individual is leaked on your watch while using an unsecured network during the process of sharing data or communicating with another employee, you may find yourself with both financial and legal troubles.

Advantages of Using a VPN Services While Teleworking

Using a trusted VPN service is not only optimal for peace of mind whenever you are browsing the internet, sharing sensitive information, or even uploading documents, but it can also prevent legal and financial woes as a company or business owner. Some of the most notable advantages that come with using VPN services while teleworking include:

• Protect Your Privacy: Masking your IP and protecting your personal identity is not more important than ever in an age of cyberwarfare, data breaches, and massive hacks being attempted on tech conglomerates and major social platforms daily. With the use of your very own VPN, you may have the option of selecting a unique location that is right for you while hiding any and all sensitive information or data possible about yourself.

• Travel Freely and Internationally: Remove any blocks or bans from various companies when using a VPN to browse the internet and stream content. Unfortunately, without a VPN, you may find yourself unable to access specific websites, documents, or even uploaded video material to stream based on your current location and region. Using a VPN instantly unlocks all content across any region around the globe. For those who work remotely and travel internationally on a regular basis, having a VPN is a must to prevent headaches when attempting to browse websites or news organizations from around the world in blocked areas and regions.

• Increase Your Company’s Security: When teleworking, it is important to protect the data and information of your company or the organization you represent at all times. Without a VPN in place, all employees and contractors associated with your business or place of work may be putting your customer data information at risk each time they log online or attempt to connect with one another. When employees of an organization browse the internet using their own Wi-Fi connection, there is no guarantee that the connection is entirely secured or free from a potential hack or breach. If a home Wi-Fi connection does not have an encrypted or secured password in place, individuals may have the opportunity to access the connection, providing them with a complete overview of browsing history and in some cases, sensitive communications or information. Even if your own employees have verified that their home connection has a password in place, there is no way to personally guarantee that the password is secure enough, encrypted enough, or that it has not already been breached by an outside source or third-party.

• Increased Workplace Flexibility: Once all employees begin utilizing a VPN for their work duties each day, it is much easier to expand tasks and responsibilities without worry or risk. Individuals who have a VPN at home can begin to access a variety of documents and communications without putting the company they work for at legal or financial risk.

Trusted VPN Services

Surfshark is one of the most well-known trusted VPN services available to date. Surfshark helps users work from home safely without the risk of exposing important documents or data to the world or even to potential hackers and online thieves. With Surfshark, use unlimited devices with complete ad-blocking support for as little as $1.99 a month. Surfshark’s VPN service allows you to stream global content from just about anywhere without issues due to region-specific blocks or bans. Whether you are in the mood to watch Netflix from Peru or if you are thinking of streaming HBO Go while you are on an international business trip to China, your VPN from Surfshark will help you to bypass any content that is potentially blocked in a foreign nation or region. Additionally, using a Surfshark VPN is one of the quickest, easiest, and most reliable ways to instantly hide your IP address as well as your location and all forms of identity that link your web browsing history to you, providing you with complete and total control of your privacy online.

Nord VPN is another well-known VPN service that is not only affordable, but well-known and endorsed by many individuals, companies, and commentators alike today. Nord VPN offers a strict no-logs policy as well as an ultra-fast connection at all times, preventing you from feeling hindered each time you use your VPN to browse the internet or get your work done. Privacy on the go as well as uninterrupted streaming is easier than ever with Nord VPN. Mask your IP address, block ads, block malware, and even use up to six devices with just one VPN subscription from Nord VPN. Currently, a Nord VPN subscription starts at just $4.08 a month.

Express VPN provides high-speed, secure, and anonymous VPN solutions for both individuals as well as companies. The VPN solutions from Express VPN are available on a variety of platforms from Windows, Linux, and Apple, to iOS and Android devices. In addition to traditional VPN services, Express VPN also provides users with the option of installing a Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser extension to instantly connect with their VPN from just about anywhere. Pricing for Express VPN begins at $12.95 a month.

As teleworking and remote work positions become increasingly popular and commonplace, it is important that we remain vigilant of our own security, data sharing, and ultimately, our privacy. By learning more about various VPN services and comparing your options, seek out a trusted VPN service before you begin your teleworking position from home in any market or industry. With the right VPN service, gain peace of mind knowing that your privacy as well as the privacy of your company, employer, and clients remains safe and secured at all times.

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