Law students denounce Dorval’s murder in ongoing protests

Law students set a car on fire as they were protesting to denounce Monferrier Dorval’s death. Photo credit: Gazette Haiti `

Several hundred law students once again took to the streets of Port-au-Prince Tuesday to denounce the murder of Monferrier Dorval, setting up roadblocks and setting tires and a car on fire.

Police officers used tear gas to disperse the students, who vowed to continue protesting until Haiti President Jovenel Moïse is expelled. 

Dorval, who headed Port-au-Prince bar, was murdered at his house on Aug. 28 just hours after he called for the government to update Haiti’s constitution. The bar said it will organize a protest march Thursday. Continue reading

Passport applicants must visit immigration office now

The Haitian immigration service required passport applicants to visit their offices for fingerprinting, headshots and signing documents. Photo credit: Juno7

The Haitian immigration service, known by its French acronym DIE, announced that passport applicants must now visit its offices for fingerprinting, headshots, and signing documents.

It is unclear why the immigration service implemented this change but they’re counting on all applicants to comply to it. Continue reading

Saint-Marc student protests to counter teacher strike lead to fights 

A student on his way to school in Port-au-Prince. Photo taken by Georges H. Rouzier

High school students in Saint-Marc are holding rallies to demand that teachers end their strike. 

The teachers went on strike more than three weeks ago in a move to gain better pay. They’re asking for 75,000 gourdes ($668.56) as a yearly wage and for an additional 25,000 gourdes ($222.85) on their debit cards.

The protests have led to multiple physical confrontations between the teachers and pupils, including one between a student and a principal. Continue reading 

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