Entrepreneur Michel Saieh Shot Dead In Motorcycle Drive-by

Piyay Market General Director Michel Saieh was shot dead in a drive-by. Photo credit: Gazette Haiti

Entrepreneur Michel Saieh, 84, was shot dead in his car Thursday in Port-au-Prince by bandits on motorcycles. Saieh was Piyay Market’s general director.

Saieh’s wife and driver, who were in the car with him, were injured in the drive-by and taken to the emergency room, local official Edouard Doirin said.

Saieh’s car had approximately 20 bullet holes on it. PNH, Haiti’s police task force, falsified rumors that stated two of the bandits were arrested. Continue reading

First Lady Martine Moïse Visited And Donated To Laura Victims In Port-au-Prince

Haiti’s First Lady Martine Moïse visited Tropical Storm Laura’s victims. Photo credit: Juno7

Haiti’s First Lady Martine Moïse visited Tropical Storm Laura victims in Cité Soleil and Tête de l’Eau in Port-au-Prince Aug. 27.

The First Lady reportedly gave funds to some victims, but the amounts were not specified.

Officials counted 21 deaths, 15 flattened homes, 447 flooded homes, and more than 198 victims. Continue reading

University Building’s Inaugural Event Canceled Due To Student Protests

State University of Haiti students set tires on fire near the school to protest. Photo credit: Juno7

The State University of Haiti’s new Faculty of Human Sciences building, known by its French acronym FASCH, canceled the new structure’s inaugural event because of student protests.

The students set tires on fire near the university, blocking traffic, because they said they did not want Haiti President Jovenel Moïse and University President Fritz Deshommes to take part of the ceremony.

“Jovenel Moïse and Fritz Deshommes are two corrupt people,” an unnamed protester said. “We ask for an investigation on how [Deshommes] managed at least 20 million gourdes ($178,550) in 2008 that was intended to finance a restaurant for the university.”

FASCH’s reconstruction was completed Aug. 20, after being destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Continue reading

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