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178. X Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Can Work Wonders in Selling or Renting Space

Renting out or selling a property can be challenging – especially in a buyers’ market as of right now. There are more properties up for sale or lease, and the current pandemic probably has forced everyone to just stay comfy in their sofas – waiting for the mist to clear.

However, it doesn’t always have to remain that way – especially if you embrace the power of real estate marketing strategies. There are a lot of digital tricks you can use to entice your prospects to convert to happy customers of yours in a short time.

To save you the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of 9 real estate marketing strategies tested and backed by the industry’s top agents. And the best part – these tricks don’t cost a fortune to employ and are highly effective as most of your potential clients will be spending the majority of their time online. Have a look.

1. Publish Professional Photos

It’s no secret that images can make or break your real estate business. Let’s face it. Even though we’re continuously told not to judge by the first looks, if a property’s photograph isn’t impressive, you probably won’t consider visiting it. The same is true for your customers.

Gorgeous photos can entice customers to at least make a visit to the property, even if they haven’t made up their minds to purchase one. For that purpose, hire a professional photographer and see the difference it brings to the number of enquiries you get.

2. Use Instagram to the Core

Hiring a professional photographer has one additional advantage. You would get stunning images that can rock on Instagram and other social media networks. Of course, Facebook is extensively used to promote listings. Since it’s overly talked about, let’s see about Instagram.

The photo-sharing app Instagram is a great platform to target property buyers’ within the age range of 20 – 40 years. These individuals are on a constant hunt for aesthetically pleasing images, and the gorgeous photographs you capture can be among their daily dose of eyegasm. With consistency, you can gradually become their go-to realtor.

Surprisingly, social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter are equally effective for that matter. The key is to nurture your brand identity in these platforms and ultimately gain the title of thought leadership. Consistency, coupled with quality content, can boost your online presence in no time.

To know more about the quick and effective strategies you can adopt, read the comprehensive guide on real estate marketing strategies by InVideo.

3. Add Social Sharing Buttons on Your Listings

Your listings may not be suitable for the viewer but can be a suitable option for one of their friends or family. For that reason, always try to include social sharing buttons on your website or a third-party listing site. You never know who’s going to help you bag a client with word of mouth. 

4. Get a Bit Emotional With Copy

Emotional storytelling that reflects the pain points and ways to solve them will drive your clients crazy like nothing else. Try tapping into the emotions behind owning a home and work your way up. If you’re struggling to do that, try hiring a copywriter.

5. Make Stunning Videos

Videos are currently the most preferred format to convey messages as they have the least cognitive load on the viewer. You can craft a video composed of client testimonials, accolades you received, and your office to enhance your credibility.

And its production won’t cost a fortune. Online video editors like InVideo makes it easy to create a stunning Intro video with transitions and graphics of your choice. Also, a mesmerizing video will stay on your customers’ minds way more than blocks of text.

6. Create Virtual Tours

One way to beat the restrictions of the current pandemic is by making virtual tours of the properties. This can allow customers to view properties at the comfort of their home and, most importantly, without wasting their precious time on traveling.

7. Host Free Webinars

If you’re an orator (which is a prerequisite to becoming a real estate agent), try hosting webinars for free. You can use catchy headlines such as “15 Things You Need to Know About House-Hunting” and promote it via social channels and emails.

What’s more? You can host Q&A sessions towards the end of the webinar and subtly introduce your services. The expertise you share will surely gather attention, or at the very least, increase your reputation as a realtor.

8. Say Yes to Email Marketing

The old-school email marketing is still in the game as for every dollar you spend on it, you can expect a return on investment of $42. Although this may seem too good to be true, emails work as always, and the more precise you are in targeting the right group, the better.

Also, you don’t always have to be sending out offers or listings of new properties for sale or rent. Add more value to their user journey by sending out links to blog posts or newsletters that discuss the target customers’ pain points and how to resolve them.

9. Try Guest Blogging

There are numerous high authority websites that allow you to submit your guest post articles for free. By doing so, you can not only showcase your expertise but can also improve your exposure in the industry.

This is especially crucial if your website is relatively new, and backlinks from such websites have immense SEO value. This will further help you improve your rankings in search engines and will gradually increase your domain authority.

Bottom Line

With these real estate marketing strategies, you’ll surely “wow” your prospects and gain a lot of attention. But truth be told, you need to be consistent with any strategy, and A/B testing your social media and email marketing efforts can produce more results.

Also, irrespective of the strategy you follow first, measure your success. Use analytics tools to track your efforts and observe which methods attract the most number of leads for your property niche.

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