Another Deadly Flu Is Spreading In Haiti Along With Covid

Another potentially deadly flu, influenza, is spreading in Haiti. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

GHESKIO’s Director Dr. Jean William Pape, said another potentially deadly flu is spreading in Haiti along with the novel coronavirus.

“Influenza cases are being registered,” Dr. Pape told Le Nouvelliste. “It is not known how people will react to this double infection. Now is the time to protect ourselves. We should be careful. The barrier gestures used against the coronavirus also protect against influenza.”

The Ministry of Public Health of the Population (MSPP) has not released the number of people who caught the new influenza yet. For coronavirus, Haiti reported 8,112 confirmed cases, 196 deaths and 5,677 recoveries.  Continue reading

U.S. Tells Haiti To Stop Declaring So Many Decrees

The United States Embassy in Haiti urged the Haitian government to only declare essential decrees. Photo courtesy of Le Nouvelliste

The United States Embassy in Haiti advised the Haitian government to issue decrees only for legislative elections and crucial matters.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Embassy said, “The U.S. urges the Haitian govt to exercise restraint in issuing decrees, only using that power to schedule legislative elections & for matters of life, health, & safety until Parliament is restored & can resume its constitutional responsibilities.”

In a follow-up tweet, the U.S. Embassy also said it supports Haiti’s democratic institutions, but that an elected Haitian parliament should review the issuing of decrees. Continue reading

Ambassadors Appointed To Serve At The UN, DR, and CARICOM

Jovenel Moïse appointed three new ambassadors, Smith Augustin, Antonio Rodrigue, and Sam Beausoleil. Photo courtesy of Juno7

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse has appointed Smith Augustin as the Dominican Republic ambassador, Antonio Rodrigue as ambassador to the United Nations, and Sam Beausoleil as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) ambassador.

Augustin is a philosopher and sociologist who specializes in Haiti’s relationship with the Dominican Republic. Rodrigue was appointed as the minister of foreign affairs in March 2017. Meanwhile, Beausoleil worked as the CARICOM’s secretary based in Georgetown, Guyana, from 2010 to 2011. Continue reading

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