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Kamala Harris’s Caribbean Roots and Policy Stances: What You Need To Know

By Sam Bojarski

Kamala Harris may have spent much of her formative years with her Indian-American mother.

Kamala Harris (center) poses with Jamaican leaders in Miami. (Courtesy of Commissioner Winston Barnes)

Yet, her roots to the Caribbean run deep — both personally and through policy positions that affect immigrants from the region.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee’s father, who is a Jamaica native, exposed Harris and her younger sister to Caribbean life and culture when the girls were very young, according to published reports. Harris’s recent political record as a California Senator and presidential candidate shows strong support for issues that impact Caribbean Americans, such as immigration reform. 



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Sam Bojarski

Sam Bojarski

Sam Bojarski has been covering Haiti and its diaspora for The Haitian Times since 2018. He is currently covering New York's Haitian community as a Report for America corps member.
Sam Bojarski
Aug. 23, 2020