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US Entering Different Phase Of Coronavirus Outbreak

We all know how the world is taken over by the coronavirus outbreak. The virus originated from the Wuhan City of China and slowly spread to all corners of the world. Many of the countries like the USA have been badly hit by the outbreak. Despite complete lockdown, the death rates are increasing and the situation is only getting worse.

However, we are getting close to successfully developing the vaccine for Coronavirus. Human trials are on and we are expecting that by the end of this year, we will have the vaccine in our hands.

US and Coronavirus Outbreak

The US is one of the countries that have more number of reported cases of coronavirus than other countries in the world. The situation is quite critical out there.

Based on a report by Johns Hopkins University, the country has over 4.6 million cases with around 154,834 deaths. 

Worldwide, the number of cases has reached 18 million so far.

What Dr.Birx has to say?

Dr.Birx, who is one of the top members of the White House’s coronavirus task force said that people living in rural areas are neither immune nor protected from the virus.

She also added that the pandemic is a problem common to both urban and rural areas. With every day, it’s only getting worse.

She is also concerned about people who are going on holiday in or near hot spot areas in the city. She said that she has witnessed it herself while travelling around the different states in the country in the last few weeks.

She said that she travelled around the US and saw people moving around freely with no fear. She also added that if you are going on a holiday in a hot spot area, then you return and protect the ones with weak immunities. They should take steps to not spread the infection further.

The coronavirus outbreak has increased a great deal during the summer months, especially in the western and southern states.

Nancy Pelosi, who is a top democrat, accused Dr.Birx, by saying that she is sharing wrong information.

In reply, Dr.Birx said that she shared all the information based on her scientific research.

By looking at the current situation in the US, it is very clear that the Trump government has failed to control the spread of infections. The numbers have drastically increased from the first infection when it was spotted.

The worse thing is that the Trump government is not doing enough to control the virus even now.

It doesn’t matter whether Dr.Birx is sharing the right information or not, it is quite clear that the situation in the US is not good. This is especially true in some of the states in the western and southern regions.

People are less bothered than they were before. This has put thousands of lives at stake.

To reduce the number of cases, one needs to stay at home and avoid going out unless it is necessary. Spending your days inside the house 24/7 can be boring. But you can make it interesting by doing something that interests you. For instance, you can order a vape stick from an online cbd vape to relax your mind. Similarly, you can do other fun activities like watching movies, playing board games with your family, etc.

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Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Aug. 21, 2020

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