Report of oil companies making $94 million is wrong, industry group says

Outside shot of Petroleum company National. Photo courtesy of Gazette Haiti

A Haitian petroleum trade group, APPE, denies its companies made $94 million in profit from the Haitian government. In a document published Aug. 20, APPE said the three government task forces that said APPE earned that amount failed to conduct a proper investigation. They did not take into account the money the oil companies had to spend, APPE said. Continue reading

Haitians give Jovenel Moïse a signed petition that demands a new constitution

Jovenel Moïse standing alongside members of 10 organizations who are demanding a new constitution. Photo courtesy of Le Nouvelliste

More than 10 organizations met with Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse and handed him a petition signed by many Haitians in favor of a new constitution. The number of signatures was not specified in the published report.

Coraslin Josué, general director of the Association of Development, Vision and Progress (RAVIDEP), spoke on behalf of all the organizations before giving Moïse the petition.

“Things will change when we have a new set of laws,” Josué said. “Those laws will define our rights and duties as Haitians. This new constitution will open the door for everyone in the country, including women and the diasporas involved in the country.”

Moïse is reportedly pleased by the initiative. Continue reading

University building of Human Sciences restored  

An outside shot of the new Faculty of Human Sciences (FASCH). Photo courtesy of Juno7

University of Haiti’s FASCH building (Faculty of Human Sciences) has been restored after crashing during the 2010 earthquake. Its renovation began 16 months ago.

The new 4-story building contains a library, computer rooms, teachers’ offices and an auditorium that can hold up to 500 people. Officials did not give the exact date classes will start being held there. Continue reading

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