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Re-Opening of Casino Montreal

Since 1993, The Casino Montreal has had its doors open, more recently for 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Situated on Notre Dame Island in Quebec, it is Canada’s largest land-based casino and one of the most prestigious in North America. This classy venue wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas, Macau or any of the other gambling resortsacross the world. And now, as of August 3rd, the Casino Montreal’s doors have swung open once again to welcome players back inside.

The casino was closed as part of social distancing measures in light of recent worldwide events. But now the casino and the Canadian population are deemed safe to come back to play the best casino games and dine in a stellar environment.

What Have Players Been Doing in the Meantime?

When Casino Montreal closed, many of its frequent patrons were probably frustrated that they could not enjoy this venue for many weeks. It would have also ruined by vacations as the Casino Montreal is a sure stop-off for tourists visiting Canada on their getaways to the region. But those players could still play their favorite casino games from the comfort and safety of home, by using one of the many online casino options available in Canada, such as PartyCasino.

What Safety Measures Are in Place?

The Casino Montreal is implementing a wide range of hygiene and cleaning tasks to ensure the safety of punters choosing to attend. They will be:

·  ​Cleaning chips thoroughly throughout the day

·  ​Making masks mandatory for all casino players (you will be stopped at the door without a mask or if you only wear a visor)

·  ​Enforcing physical distancing

·  ​Making hand sanitization compulsory around the casino

·  ​Distancing playing tables from each other

·  ​Giving players special pens so they never have to touch slot games etc.

To avoid overcrowding and disappointment, the Casino Montreal is also implementing a pre-booking system where planned visitors will have to book their slot at the casino. The casino will not be running its usual 24/7 hours and will only be opening between 9 am and 4 pm for the immediate future. This is to allow time for full venue cleaning.  

How the Re-Opening Will Benefit Canada

The re-opening of Casino Montreal is not just fantastic news for players who want to attend, but it is reassuring and welcome news to those who work in the casino – and the rest of the industry. The Canadian gambling industry is responsible for over 40,000 jobs spanning around 800 different businesses. With casinos slowly returning to normal, this will stabilize those jobs, incomes and help generate taxes for the Canadian economy.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
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