Soldiers to be Deployed at Fonds-Parisien After a Dominican Flag Was Raised on Haitian Territory

Members of the Haitian army. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

Haiti’s Minister of Defense, Jean Walnard Dorneval, announced that a troop will station at Fonds-Parisien mainly because a Dominican flag was raised there on Aug. 3. Shots were reportedly fired as the Haitians were taking the flag down.

According to Dorneval’s a press note, the objective of this deployment is to secure the Malpasse-Jimani border (Fonds-Parisien) and also to combat illegal activities carried out through Lake Azuei such as smuggling drugs and weapons, human and organs trafficking. Continue reading

Tension Rose In Carrefour Rita Over Wall  Destruction

Tires burning in a Haitian street. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

Judicial and municipal authorities attempted to destroy a wall in an intersection between Carrefour Rita and Carrefour Fleuriot in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. The people showed their disapproval by burning tires and throwing rocks. They even attacked the police with rocks when they arrived at the intersection.

The intersection is always loaded with traffic, but after the incident it was impenetrable. Tabarre’s town hall had prohibited the construction of the wall because it can lead to flooding and it prevents construction workers from repairing Canal Bethel.

The police fired shots in the air to stop the people from doing any more damages. Continue reading

New Taiwanese, Turkish and Mexican Ambassadors Gave Jovenel Moise Letters of Credence

Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise receiving a letter of credence from Taiwanese ambassador Wen-jiann Ku. Jovenel Moise’s Twitter Images

As in tradition, the new Taiwanese, Turkish and Mexican ambassadors in Haiti handed the president letters of credence during a ceremony held at the national palace on Tuesday.

“I received letters of credence from the Republic of China (Taiwan)’s new ambassador, H.E.M. Wen-jiann KU. In a brief interview, we reviewed the bilateral relations between the two countries, including the cooperative ties that have united us for ages,” Moise tweeted.

He also tweeted about receiving letters of credence from the new Turkish and Mexican ambassador. The three ambassadors, Ku Wen-jiann, Yesim Kebapcioglu, and Jesús Valdés Peña will now start operating in Haiti. Continue reading

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