New FIDA Vice-President Said Humanitarian Aid Isn’t Enough to Fight Hunger

Food supplies. Photo Georges H. Rouzier

FIDA (International Funds for Agricultural Development)’s vice president Dominik Ziller said they’re not responding properly to the hunger problem in Haiti because they mainly depend on humanitarian aid.

“It’s not enough to count on humanitarian aid alone. We need to build crisis-resistant supply chains or people will continue to go to bed hungry,” Ziller said.

Hunger increased over the past five years, and because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, an additional 83 to 132 million people around the world are expected to plunge deeper into food insecurity by the end of the year. Continue reading

Haiti’s Police General Director Responds to Joseph Jouthe’s Dissatisfaction

PNH’s general director Rameau Normil. Gazette Haiti’s Twitter Images

During a national dialogue concerning the community, Joseph Jouthe yet again said he’s not content with the police because of the constant gang shootings. PNH (Haitian National Police)’s general director Rameau Normil was present.

“A man, a mission, resources,” Normil said to Jouthe. “There’s no relation between the lack of equipment and incompetence. Security isn’t only the police’s job. It’s not only up to having equipment. The equipment has to respond to reality.”

Jouthe told Normil to stop asking for equipment because some of the people who died from gang shootings were only killed by pistols. Continue reading

Haitians Won’t Pay for Electricity During Power Scarcity

Haitian market lighted up by a portable light. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

E.D.H. (Electricity of Haiti)’s new general director Michel Presume said the company’s customers don’t have to pay for electricity during the power shortage, but they will have to pay for bills they owed before the drought.

“We are not going to charge people for the entire period they weren’t getting electricity,” Presume said. “We will send an invoice with a note of apology throughout the territory. You can’t charge customers when you haven’t given them service.”

Presume also said that a fuel oil of bad quality is what caused the motors to stop working properly. They’re working on fixing the issue. Continue reading

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