A move to continue using five substitutes has been defeated by 11 votes to nine in a victory for the Premier League’s smaller clubs.

The rule brought in for Project Restart following the coronavirus outbreak will end after a lengthy debate at a meeting of Premier League clubs on Thursday.

The big clubs argued that the additional changes are good for player welfare and useful for clubs in European competition. However, the rest claimed that five substitutions benefit clubs with bigger squads and disrupt the flow of games.

Extending matchday squads from 18 to 20 was also rejected, with the vote tied at 10-10. 

A motion to implement VAR in line with FIFA protocols on VAR was passed unanimously. It includes an increased use of referee review in the areas of red cards, goals and penalty kicks and there will be no leeway on marginal offsides. 

Assistant referees will keep the flag down for close calls until a goal is scored or the chance has gone. Continue reading 

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