Child sick with cancer at Saint Damien Hospital Tabarre, Haiti.

Judges’ Salaries Have Not Increased in 10 Years in Haiti

A group of Haitian judges. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

The president of the National Association of Haitian Ministers (ANAMAH), Judge Wilner Morin, said judges’ salaries have not increased by a gourde in 10 years. Nevertheless, prices in Haiti grew, which makes it hard for the judges to plan accordingly financially.

There are about 844 judges in the Haitian judicial system. Morin said many of his colleagues want to resign to either become a businessman or a lawyer.

Furthermore, at times, judges are asked to stop working. And they’re only allowed to teach as another job. Continue reading

Three People Fired Shots Inside Universal Hospital of Peace Because They Couldn’t Take Newborn in

Child sick with cancer at Saint Damien Hospital Tabarre, Haiti. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

Three individuals fired gunshots in the air inside Universal Hospital of Peace because the doctors told them the hospital wasn’t prepared to welcome a newborn in. All of their beds were occupied. The individuals also threw rocks inside the hospital and broke the window of the maternity care room.

One of them was a cop. He didn’t hesitate to flash his badge and threatened to come back.

“I don’t care. If the baby gets sick, I’m coming back to blast all you guys here,” the cop said.

The doctors fled when the three individuals went on a rampage inside the hospital. When the attackers noticed that the doctors weren’t coming back, they left the hospital around three in the morning on Thursday. Continue reading

Clerks’ Strike Leaves Judicial Jurisdiction Limping

Courtroom in Haiti. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

The judiciary system resumed their activities amid the clerk’s strike and is tremendously struggling. The clerk’s strike started on July 28. Despite the judiciary system’s inability to perform without the clerks, the government hasn’t reached out to them.

“Not even a phone call,” Martin Aine, the president of the National Clerk Association, said.

Aine also reiterated that they won’t end their strike until their needs are met. The clerks went on strike because they haven’t increased their salary as stated in a protocol that was published on Nov. 3, 2017. Continue reading

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