Intubated Covid-19 Patient Survived for the First Time in Haiti

Covid-19 survivor Fritzner receiving a cake. Photo credit: Le Nouvelliste

Fritzner, 60, became the first person in Haiti who still won his battle against the novel coronavirus even though he was intubated. He was in a coma and had to go on the ventilator for nine days at the Universal Hospital of Mirebalais (HUM in its French acronym). Prior to Fritzner, 10 other intubated patients died.

“I’m happy to leave the hospital today,” Fritzner said. “My family is coming to pick me up. I feel good in my skin. I’m shining like a brand-new penny because of the energy and the ability of the medical staff at HUM. I’d like to thank all the medical staff of the hospital, especially Dr. Pierre. Without them I wouldn’t be alive.”

Fritzner was at the hospital since July 7. Continue reading

Michel Presume Finally Entered E.D.H.’s Office as Employees End Their Strike

E.D.H.’s director Michel Presume getting escorted inside the company’s main office. Michel Presume’s Facebook Images

E.D.H.’s new general director Michel Presume finally entered the company’s main office. After Presume was hired a month ago, the E.D.H. workers protested against him and went on strike. Presume was escorted by multiple policemen to E.D.H.’s headquarter.

The employees ended their strike and will start working again on Thursday.

“I’d like to thank the E.D.H. employees at the head office for the warm welcome they gave me today as I was meeting the personnel,” Presume tweeted. “I also want to take this opportunity to praise their sense of professionalism which is tied to working for a better institution.” Continue reading

Gang Shootings, Corruption, Impunity… U.S.A. Calls on Haitian Authorities to Step Up

A group of Haitian soldiers. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

The United States shared how concerned they are about people consistently losing their lives in gang shootings. They encourage Haiti to fight against gang violence.

“The United States urges the Haitian government to protect its most vulnerable citizens by countering the proliferation of gangs and by holding the perpetrators of violence and their accomplices accountable,” the U.S. Embassy in Haiti wrote in a statement. “Violence, corruption, and impunity have impeded Haiti’s development goals and the Haitian people’s aspirations for a better life for far too long.

The statement also says that the P.N.H. (Haitian National Police) is pressured to perform with a limited budget. Continue reading

Haiti Will Have Its First Mentoring Center, Thanks to Williamson Sintyl

Mars Shot’s finalist Williamson Sintyl. Williamson Sintyl’s Twitter Images

Williamson Sintyl was listed as one of Mars Shot’s top-three finalists, a competition organized by Kevin Hart and The Emirates. Now that Sintyl is officially one of the finalists, he will receive financial support for his Mars Shot vision, which is to build the first mentoring center in Haiti – the first one in the Caribbean as well.

Sintyl counted on his fellow Haitians’ support to reach this stage of the competition and in return collected over 2.3 million votes. The 27-year-old thanked all the people who voted for him via a video on Twitter.

The two other Mars Shot finalists are Reina Ozbay and Dolly Aswani. Continue reading

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