Multiple Areas in Haiti May Reach Phase 3 of Food Insecurity

Haitian women receiving food. Photo by Geroges H. Rouzier

Various areas in Haiti are expected to reach Phase 3 of food insecurity. Some of these areas are the northern region of Artibonite and Plateau, the lower side of the North-West region, the entire North-East region, Nippes, certain parts of the West side, the lower part of the South-East territory, the South side and Grand’Anse.

In other regions as the lower part of Artibonite and Plateau, Plaine des Cayes, etc. harvest is expected to be more fruitful, therefore will only remain in the stressful phase.

The food insecurity grew worse because of many factors, some of which are the closure of the border between Dominican Republic, the novel coronavirus, the depreciation of the currency and the constant increase of prices. Continue reading

Haiti Swiftly Jumps Back to Coronavirus Restrictions

Two firefighters wearing masks and gloves. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

Last week, the Haitian government said the coronavirus already reached its highest peak and that everything is under control, therefore they resumed various activities. But now, they fear that a second wave might pass through and reinforced the previous restrictions.

The government came to this conclusion after a meeting with the Covid-19 management committee, the scientific unit, and the multisectoral commission on Tuesday.

“Following this meeting, the Ministry of Culture and Communication was told to utilize all means possible in order to alert the population of the dangers the country is still facing from the Covid-19 pandemic,” the Ministry of Culture and Communication said in a statement. Continue reading

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe is Infuriated at The Police’s Inability to Fulfill Their Duty

Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe giving a speech. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier

Following the shooting of yet another baby, Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe openly expressed his discontentment toward the police department because of their inability to protect the people.

“I feel very offended and irritated at the national police’s inability to do their mission which is to ‘Protect and Serve’ a population that doesn’t ask for much,” Jouthe said.

Jouthe also said that despite the acquisition of armors, the performances of the police department didn’t improve. Continue reading

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