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United Arabs Emirates (UAE) is one of the top destinations in the world for business and vacation. Located in the Middle East, the United Arabs Emirates has grown in recent years to become one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. The investment by millions of people in the oil-rich country has led to the massive development of the Emirates. If you are looking for the perfect destination for your holiday, United Arabs Emirates is the place you should be.

If you are in the United Arabs Emirates as a resident or tourist, one way to enjoy the country better is by renting a car from a car rental company. This is because most of the cars that are sold in the UAE are expensive. Therefore, instead of using a taxi as an alternative, renting a car is the best option for you. Cheap Rent a Car Dubai provides reliability, comfort and convenience, lower cost of cars and ease of use. Many Car Rentals like Rentalcars UAE operate within UAE to provide rental cars for your trips on a short term or long term car rental. You just have to consider the terms of the car rental that suits you best before choosing your car rental. However, before you rent a car in UAE, here are the things you need to know

  1. Eligibility

To drive a car in the United Arabs Emirates, you must be up to 18 years or more. Furthermore, the law of the Emirates allows only people who are up to the age of 21 or more to rent a car from a car rental company in the United Arabs Emirates. However, for some luxurious cars, you must be up to the age of 25 or more before you can rent the car from a car rental in United Arabs Emirates. 

  1. Documents

All the citizens of United Arabs Emirates that are above 18 years have a registered driver’s license. If you are a tourist and you want to rent a car, you must present your International Driver’s License or European Driver’s License. Without these documents, you will not be allowed to rent a car in the United Arabs Emirates.  

  1.  Short term and long term car rentals

Renting a car Dubai is one way to better exploit the cities of the United Arabs Emirates. Car rentals provide transportation cover for your trips if you want to travel from one city to another especially in this type of situation where taxis are not available. Car rental companies offer short term car rentals for individuals who want to rent a car on a daily or weekly rate. Also, if you want to rent a car for a month or year, the long term car rental is the ideal option for you. If you are looking to rent a car in the UAE, you must be sure of the time you will spend with the rental car before choosing your car rental deal.

  1. Security deposits

Security deposits are collected in advance by car rentals to provide funds for the repairs of the rental car in case any damage was done on the car by the individual renting the car. When you damage a rental car, instead of collecting a new charge from you, the car rental will just use part of the security deposit to repair and fix the car. Generally, high brands of cars have a high security deposit while low branded cars have a low security deposit.

  1. Insurance policy

Car Rental Dubai offers you a convenient way of travelling from one city to another in United Arabs Emirates. To provide protection for the rental car, a car rental will include an insurance charge in the car rental deal. In some car rentals, insurance charge significantly increases the cost of renting a car. If the car rental company suggests a high insurance charge that is too high for you to afford, you can employ the services of a personal insurance company to provide insurance cover for you.

  1. Driving outside UAE

Before you rent a car in Dubai, it is very important for you to know that you cannot drive a car rented in UAE outside the borders of UAE. This particular legislation is protected by law and is highly prohibited in UAE. If you want to drive a rental car outside UAE, ask the car rental company to give you some recommendations before you proceed with your journey.

  1. Salik or toll fines

When you are Rent a Car Dubai, you will have to pay a toll charge at the toll gates. These toll charges are authorized by the Emirates as a way of taxing drivers. If for any reason you pass a toll gate without paying, the Salik or toll equipment will automatically alert the government that you did not pay your toll and the government will contact your car rental company. The car rental company will collect a Salik or toll fine from you which may be higher than the charge collected by the government. However, when you rent a car in UAE, you can avoid tolls using a GPS tracker that will show you the routes that do not have tolls so you can follow.

  1. Terms and conditions

Car Rental Dubai allows you to enjoy different brands of cars at different rates. However, from one car rental to another, some terms and conditions are attached to the car rental deal. Sometimes, in some car rentals, these terms and conditions may not be favorable for you. Hence, before you rent a car in UAE, read the terms and conditions very well before making the required payments.

  1. Car accessories

Car accessories like GPS trackers, children seats and many others can be rented from a car rental to make the trip more comfortable. If you are new in UAE and you find it difficult to locate places, the GPS trackers installed in the car will help you to locate places. Also, the children seats installed in the car will make the journey or trip more comfortable for your children or kids. So if you have any of these needs, you can always rent these car accessories from the car rental before driving away.

  1.  Vehicle inspection

Before you Rent a car Dubai, always ensure you inspect the vehicle properly. This is because some rental cars may be damaged and if you do not check and inspect the vehicle properly before renting, it will be assumed that you did the damage and you will be asked to pay for damages.

In conclusion, Car Rental Dubai gives you an opportunity to drive your own car within the border of UAE. If you want to rent a car in UAE, many car rental companies exist in UAE that can provide car rental services for you. However, before you rent a car in the UAE, you must consider the different points I have listed for you in this article as it will guide you accordingly.

This article is written by Abasiofon Fidelis.

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