Haiti is beginning to feel the effects of Tropical Storm Isaias. Strong rains and winds have hit some departments in the north. Officials have maintained the orange alert level throughout the.

“As I speak to you (Editor’s note: Thursday evening 9:30 pm), the departments of the Far North, HautArtibonite and the Central Plateau are suffering the effects of tropical storm Isaias with gusts of wind and rain. But it’s not yet systematic, “Civil Protection coordinator Jerry Chandler told Le Nouvelliste, stressing that the whole country will be under the influence of bad weather.

He said that arrangements have been made to take care of any displaced persons during the tropical storm.

Locally stormy showers, gusts of sustained winds and heavy seas conditions are expected over the country, especially in the northern region of Haiti.

The Haitian Maritime and Navigation Service (SEMANAH) said that all operations on the northern coastal regions and on the Gulf of La Gonâve are suspended until further notice. Continue reading.

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