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As Haiti faces chronic electricity shortages, Prime Minister Seeks Foreign Help and battles with trade union

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe took over the negotiations with the Federation of Trade Unions of Electricity of Haiti (ED’H). The head of government is optimistic, that he will be able to turn a page on the blackouts that have plagued the country.

“I think it is going in the right direction,” said Jouthe, without despite the fact that union opposethe appointment of Michel Présumé as EDH general manager on July 7. “There is still some reluctance,” he conceded, stressing that he is trying to “dispel” them. 

Jouthe, who dons the uniform of the “good cop” and adopts a more conciliatory rhetoric than the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, Nader Joiséus, in charge of the energy sector, is however firm on one point: ” No question of changing Michel Présumé ”. “We are ready to negotiate with the trade unionists on other things but not on the change of director general. Continue reading.  

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Jul. 30, 2020

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