Since the announcement of the reopening of classes in early August, after the second shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of National Education has made several attempts to clarify its health and educational protocol. 

After recommending rotation, especially in public schools which sometimes have crowded rooms, this officials said that there should be no more than 30 students inside a classroom.

Dr Érold Joseph, the director of school health at the MENFP, insisted on the role that school inspectors must play. 

“To comply with this protocol which, on paper, seems to take into account all preventive measures, the inspectorate service must do its work before resuming school activities, to prepare schools, and during the resumption of school activities. Classes,” Dr. Joseph said. “This is why the inspectorate must be strengthened to be more present. We know that the school inspection is not always done well.”

Under the plan, In this protocol, a distance of at least one meter must be respected frontally and laterally. The benches or chairs will be arranged in a semi-circular arc or in parallel. Otherwise, the lessons will be given either in rotation (3 days per week for one group, 3 others for another, including weekends) and / or double-shift (morning and afternoon). Continue reading

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