Haitian prime minister Joseph Jouthe said that the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is behind it since July 20, the country is no longer in a state of health emergency. 

“We are in the process of monitoring the situation with the scientific committee and the multisectoral commission,” Jouthe said. “We are also observing the course of the disease in the country. If we have to go back to a health emergency, we will. But as I speak to you, the country is no longer in a state of health emergency. “

Jouthe said that there is no need to prolong the state of health emergency adding that the country has taken measures to allow factories to function at one hundred percent, the churches have started functioning again, the schools will start classes on September.

Still, Jouthe indicated that the government would remain vigilant.

“We keep an eye on what’s going on at the border and at the airport every day. So far, we are more or less comfortable, “he said, stressing that the information from the Ministry of Public Health on the spread of the virus in the country is more or less reassuring.Continue reading.

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