Last week, all but one of the of the Provisional Electoral Council, or CEP, resigned. The members did so after setting up the logistics for the next elections. Long before these resignations, Léopold Berlanger, the representative of the human rights sector had left the CEP. 

However, the situation is not as clear as the members have said publicly. 

President Jovenel Moise has never published the results of indirect elections for municipal assemblies and the term of office of elected officials is nowhere clearly specified.

Now Haiti finds itself in, yet another constitutional crisis, brought on by a lack of clarity when the next elections should be held. The vote in 2016 was supposed to have been held the prior year.

No one can say that such and such a mayor, such deputy, such senator or the President of the Republic himself was elected on such and such a date and must leave on such another. 

The next electoral law will have to be clearer, more precise. Continue reading.

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