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Best MBA Programs in America

The popularity of MBA programs at American business schools has only grown in recent years. Employers value MBA degrees. A survey of alumni found that diplomas from top business schools pay off in about four years. Students in the top 25 schools have increased their income from an average of $ 73,000 before enrollment to $ 193,000 after graduation. Therefore, we understand your zeal to enroll in an MBA program and decided to help you with this by compiling a list of the best MBA programs in the USA.

Why is it so Good to Get an MBA in the USA?

The most important difference between such educational institutions of the European and American sides with an MBA program is that in America they all study in Case Studies; it means, in practice not on the plain theory. All teachers give lectures on the example of real economic events in the world. And the students explore the essence of the problem and find ways to solve it in real-time. This gives students the practical knowledge and skills that will be useful to them in real life. Moreover, the “case method” immediately identifies leaders who understand all the material the first time and are able to quickly respond to various situations. However, in case, you have some problems with your studies, you can always buy college essay in the essay writing site.

1. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

Although Wharton ranks third in the ranking table according to US News and World Report, the same magazine elevates the business school to the top spot in accounting and finance. The University of Pennsylvania MBA also ranks second to third in marketing and entrepreneurship. The school is believed to have been founded in 1881 when entrepreneur Joseph Wharton asked the university to open a school that trains young people to take control of complex economic problems. 1,130 students study business administration science in Wharton.

2. The University of California at Berkeley Extension Program

Faster than an MBA diploma, you can get a certificate that enables intensive training and application of knowledge in an American company. UC Berkeley’s International Diploma Programs (IDP) Extension Programs offer three options: a 4-month study program; An 8-month program that combines 4 months of training and 4 months of the internship; or the annual Management and Business Track program, according to which students receive knowledge in two areas of business for 8 months, and practice for another 4 months.

IDP coordinates student internships across the San Francisco Bay Area, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Most students go to small or medium-sized companies, so they have ample opportunity to build close working relationships, which in turn enhances the work experience. Interns work in various fields: advertising, computing, entertainment, e-commerce, finance and banking, information systems, healthcare, international trade, marketing, PR, and telecommunications.

3. Boston University

Boston University is a private university, the fourth largest in the United States. According to the U.S. News & World Report University is ranked 37th in the national rankings and 32nd in the world. During their studies, BU students have the opportunity to take advantage of an internship program, which provides for employment for a semester or a year (depending on the specialty) in leading companies. Alumni and faculty include 8 Nobel Laureates, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, 10 Rhodes Fellows, 6 Marshall Fellows. But few people know that Professor Bell in 1876 invented the first telephone in the laboratory of Boston University. Well-known and successful people are BU alumni. Thanks to the collaboration with Kings Education, which is based on Marymount California University, Concordia College, Pine Manor College, Rider University, and their On-Campus Plus program, students can better prepare, and after the first or second-year transfer to Boston University.

4. MIT Sloan

MIT SLOAN has been ranked high for the second year in a row. A couple of years ago, an MIT Sloan Business School alumnus was hired for a total compensation package of $ 1,825,000 a year. Of course, this is a very rare case. By the way, his employer was not a hedging fund, a large consulting company or an investment bank, which traditionally offer the highest MBA salaries to specialists, but a company working in the real estate industry. Nonetheless, MIT Sloan alumni grew in an income of $ 90,800 over five years.

Summing up

The fact that a person has a diploma from the MBA business school speaks not only of his/her education but helps to build an excellent career and be competitive in the personnel market. Through one of America’s MBA programs, you will join the world’s most influential alumni network, including business leaders, government, and non-government leaders around the world. Networks formed through groups of US business school alumni are a valuable tool for students returning to their home country to expand support for their work. So good luck!

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