Gerard Moreno has managed to win the Zarra Trophy after scoring 18 goals this season. This is his highest mark surpassing the 16 goals he did in his final season with Espanyol and doing more than the double from last season. His 18 goals are also the fourth highest mark for Villarreal, only surpassed by the 19 done by Giuseppe Rossi (2010/11) and with the same goals Forlán in the 2006/07. The record is by Forlán who accomplished 25 goals in the 2004/05 season, his first season with the club, and accompanied them with the Pichichi Trophy and Golden Boot. Adding to the league goals, the 2 done in Copa del Rey make a total of 20, making him the highest scoring Spaniard this season.

The Zarra Trophy has been awarded by MARCA since the 2005/06 season, after the death of Telmo Zarra, its namesake. Zarra was a great player of the second historical attack from Athletic Club during the 40s, who, when he retired, was the highest scorer in La Liga history. He held the record of more Pichichi trophies, winning the inaugural Pichichi and getting five more applied retroactively He also had the record for the most in a season (38 in 30 games) and his awarded to the highest scorer from Spain. So only Spanish-born or naturalized (like Diego Costa who plays for Spain) opt to the trophy. David Villa is the one who has won the award the most with 4, all with Valencia. Continue reading

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