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Doubling Down in the Face of Adversity – Did El Rancho Casino make the right bet?

While almost all Haitians are aware of the devastating earthquake that gripped the nation back in January 12th 2010, killing over 220,000 people and injuring a further 300,000, for those that are unfamiliar this epidemic rocked the very foundation of a country of only 10million people that continued to be gripped by heartache with a cholera outbreak and deadly storms in the same year. Whilst many buildings were torn from their foundations and over 1.5million people were made homeless, the mammoth task of rebuilding from the ground up meant that many businesses just simply shut shop – out of money and out of will power.

It was in this strenuous time that one business, bucking the trend of many others – the El Rancho Hotel and Casino, invested not only in a better presence but also a complete revamp just three years later in 2013. Now some 10 years on and in the wake or yet another life-changing epidemic, the question on many locals mind is will this proud business be able to stand the test of time once more and traverse a period of forced closure and people being scared to venture out? 

While the hotel itself boasts a very respectable 4.5/5 score at most of the major travel sites, this appears to have re-opened once again and is welcoming guests through its’ doors. While their swimming pool and sauna’s may have borne the brunt of the closures, the welcoming staff and their services seem to be on hand to ensure that people who want to visit are still able to enjoy a friendly vacation. But what of the casino? In a nation where almost all forms of gambling are unregulated, with online casinos clawing up large quantities of players on a global scale courtesy of many brick and mortar buildings being forced to close, the El Rancho Casino seems to be open once again. Whilst its’ website seems not to have been updated in a while, its’ Google location states that its’ doors are open and the events and promotions page on their site is still populated with various offers. Boasting almost all of the major casino games from Roulette and Blackjack through to Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and Slot Machines, it seems that despite a slowdown in punters walking through the doors, they have been able to ride through yet another difficult period of time in their history. 

So are they through the tough times and can they finally look forwards to a more prosperous future? Well as wonderful as the notion might be, this year – much like their year in 2010 – looks set to keep grinding businesses into the ground, but El Rancho Hotel and Casino seems as well placed as any to make it through. After all, if a casino situated in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country had found a way to maintain such healthy reviews and keep its’ doors open for the last decade or so, surely this latest epidemic will be something they can find a way to traverse.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Jul. 22, 2020

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