President Jovenel Moïse revealed, Sunday, July 19, that the state has a “debt of about $ 200 million” to companies that have executed contracts financed through the PetroCaribe fund and maintained that “a lot of work” was made in the country with these funds, contrary to what is “trumpeted”. 

“The state owes companies about $ 200 million. When you give a job to a company, you give it a percentage. For each invoice submitted, you pay. If the company is caught up in the craze, continues to work and is not paid, the state owes it, “said President Moïse, noting that 200 contracts have been signed. 

“I do not understand when we say that 256 projects were carried out in a country … Was there not a technical defect? It can happen. But what is being trumpeted is not the reality. A lot of work has been done in the country, ”PresidentMoïse said. “That famous PetroCaribe file – I know it’s going to make a splash on Monday morning – it’s the tree hiding the forest. That is, there are men who have billions of dollars from the PetroCaribe fund in their hands through BMPAD that were never in the national budget. The BMPAD is not budgeted, ” President Moïse said. 

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