Consumers – motorists and industries – have struggled to fill up with diesel in recent days. 

“At the moment, some stations have diesel, others do not,” the president of the National Association of Petroleum Distributors (ANADIPP), David Turnier, told Le Nouvelliste. This affects motorists and the industry, he added.

The President of ANADIPP does not know when the diesel order will arrive at the dock. 

“I hear rumors. But nothing specific was told to us about the date of arrival of the ship carrying the diesel. We are asking that the Office for Monetization of Development Assistance Programs (BMPAD) announce the arrival date of the diesel boat to reassure the public, “said David Turnier.

No delay but an induced rarity

Trade and Industry Minister Jonas Coffy has argued, however, that there is no delay. He denounced an induced artificial rarity. “As I speak to you, the order is not late. I don’t have the date but in the coming days, the order will come, “he said. “A large order has been made. In the days to come, she will be in the harbor, shortly, ”insisted Coffy.

“People think there may be a delay. They have gas. They stored it to create a rarity. And this created scarcity is beneficial to them,” Coffy said. He said he had information from people living around the stations. Continue reading

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