Michel Présumé takes the reins of State Electricity of Haiti (ED’H) on Monday. The ceremony was chaired by Minister of TPTC Nader Joiséus. The minister began his ad hoc remarks by thankingthe past director, engineer Nicolas Hervé Pierre Louis. 

\”He certainly knew how to do a worthy job in managing an institution that works so hard. However, major decisions are sometimes driven by the economy. On behalf of the Head of State and Government, I thank engineer Pierre Louis for being able to manage the ED’H in difficult conditions, “said the Minister. 

Later, Joiséus pointed out to the new director that he was chosen on the basis of his skills, his multiple experiences and the rigor that characterizes his actions. The holder of the MTPC sketched the outline of the EDH. 

“Currently the institution suffers from all ills. Besides the drastic energy rationing, the vast majority of customers do not pay for the service. Consequently, you not only have the mission to improve the service, but also to make it profitable, “Joiséus said. Continue reading.

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