Sunday, July 12, 2020. Shortly before 9 a.m. in Norway, Belekou, a district of Cité Soleil, the life of Meridina Fleurimont, eight months old, was brutally snatched by a snipper in ambush in a high position occupied by men. of the gang leader called Iscar, denounced Lenèse Léo, the mother of the infant. The bullet from an automatic rifle pierced the right ear, severed his tongue, and caused the child’s left cheek to explode. 

“I say thank you to Iscar, G-9 and Jovenel Moïse,” said Lenèse Léo, who was cleaning up with her husband, Junior Fleurimont, when her house was sprayed with bullets. “We cleaned up without exposing ourselves to the fire of Iscar and his men. Suddenly, they targeted a man, a fisherman who was hit in the head while running to save his skin. It was then that Meridina was hit and the person wearing it, “said Junior Fleurimont. ” Everything happened so fast. Like the baby, I could have died today, “said the father, who said” to be a man without a story “. Like his partner, Junior Fleurimontsays thank you to Iscar. “The corpse is inside the house,” said Lenese Leo, suffocated by the bitterness. “We are under siege,” said the young woman who plans to bury the child. Simply.

The Justice of the Peace of Cité Soleil, Me Evens Levêque, heard of this homicide. But he is unable to go there to verbalize. “The police cannot enter. We cannot expose our skin, ”the magistrate told the newspaper. The government commissioner at the Port-au-Prince court of first instance, Jacques Lafontant, said he had ordered the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DPCJ) to investigate “this case which revolts the conscience”. Public clamor indexes Iscar. If it is decisive, it is not enough, said the government commissioner, who wants to have the results of a judicial police investigation to set in motion public action. Continue reading.

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