Prime minister Joseph Jouthe installed Rockefeller Vincent as new Minister of Justice and Public Security. He replaces Lucmanne Delille, who was dismissed Thursday evening by the President of the Republic.

In the roadmap entrusted to the new minister, the head of government asks him for the umpteenth time to fight against prolonged pretrial detention, to use a new approach vis-à-vis the demonstrators (meeting people or a delegation among the initiators of the demonstrations outside the ministry).  Jouthe also demands a report on the land conflict file to VivyMitchell.

“This morning I installed the new Minister of Justice, Me Rockefeller Vincent. This facility has special significance for President Jovenel Moïse and myself because security and respect for human rights are important pillars of my government’s policy, ” Jouthewrote on his Twitter account. Continue reading.

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