It was his last press conference as Minister of Justice and Public Safety. Before his dismissal, the now former Minister of Justice, Lucmane Délile, again used the weapon of the word to eradicate the armed gangs from the districts of Port-au-Prince.

At a press conference on Thursday, the minister stepped up to condemn the parade of armed bandits last Tuesday in areas controlled by the new coalition of gangs called G9 and allies.

“We felt it was extremely serious that armed bandits were entering the streets of the capital to terrorize peaceful citizens. Haiti is not a banana republic where offenders can do whatever they want. I instruct the PNH so that it tracks these criminals, because it is revolting and unacceptable what I saw on TV. I was not there but I’m back! I will not accept this bad taste comedy, “said Délile who recently returned from a trip, this situation has hit the headlines internationally. “We are wondering what is going on in Haiti. I ask the police to do everything in their power to put these delinquents out of harm’s way, to track them down and refer them to the appropriate people. To great ills, great remedies ! “, He ordered.

This statement by Délile is nothing different from the ones he has already made since he was appointed minister. There are warnings, ultimatums, instructions, but none of this has prevented the bandits from moving around and operating with raised visions. Asked why he chose to speak at the expense of actions, the holder of the MJSP objected: “We don’t just make declarations. We also take action. When I don’t speak, you say that the state does nothing. When I speak, you say that I speak too much, ”he points out. Continue reading.

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