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How will the New Coronavirus Affect My Plans to Study Abroad in 2020

The situation right now following the rise of coronavirus cases can demoralize you on studying overseas this year. Maintaining positive energy towards your plans of studying abroad can be of great help to boost your morale.

Learning to adapt to the crisis helps you remain optimistic about your plans while trying to improve on your skills. Here are five ways to counter this period while maintaining the hope of studying abroad.

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Remain on track

You most likely have started the 2020 application process based on the plans you had at the beginning of this year. You can’t back out now because a caring institution already has plans on changing the academic calendar. 

The changing conditions ahead will determine this transformation of semester dates. Universities are and will adapt to this unpredictable situation as they are equally affected.

If you haven’t applied yet, you should know that some universities are still accepting online applications from students. Get a good art or science essay that can help in your admission from Samplius, the best free online essay resource. It’s quite hard to know when students will get back to class once the spread of the virus stabilizes and a decline is experienced. 

Remain open-minded on studying abroad

You can study a new course any other year because not every year will be like 2020. Each year comes with its predicaments so before the next one catches up to try to venture into new fields. 

Continue amassing new ideas on what to study next, where to study and when. Don’t shy off to picking an overseas country. Studying in Spain or France now might be a good idea. Despite these countries once being epicenters of the virus, conditions are somewhat stabilizing.

Getting new friends and exploring various cultures is one of the many experiences you wouldn’t want to miss. Go ahead and start planning future studies abroad to diversify the career opportunities you’ll have and the connections you’d make. 

Explore the world once the virus foregoes

The virus will ultimately go away like the ones before it so doesn’t worry too much about when it’ll happen but as soon as it’s safe, travel the world. Ensure it is safe to leave to avoid being stranded in another country after discovering that it hadn’t subsided.

Explore, discover, and be inspired is a constant urge by travel companies to people wishing to go places. Research on different institutions across the globe and get to know what they have to offer based on your educational needs. 

While at it, base your choices on the culture and the country’s geographical features. This enables you to discover new beliefs and practices that other people find it normal.

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Get ready to incur high costs of living that you will experience ahead

Nations will have to hike prices of certain services for foreigners to keep up with their citizens’ needs. This will alternately affect your tuition fee and purchases you’ll make in and out of school. Plan to have a part-time job even though you’ll need to squeeze some time into your school schedule.

Get ready to dig deep into your pockets once this pandemic is over. This ensures that you’re prepared mentally and physically to maintain yourself and for the things that you’ll purchase. You’ll have to cut on some expenses at school and learn to stick to the necessities before you financially adapt to this. 

Inquire on people’s view towards the pandemic

Get to know how other people have learned to live with the virus as you try to pick a few points from them. Pay close attention to how the virus has affected their outlook towards their environment.

People have learned to make their homes as workplaces, playing grounds and classrooms. You have also seen many people holding online meetings to ensure social distancing. You can learn from this so that when the time comes for you to be in that position, it will be a walkthrough.


Whichever the road you choose to take, never give up on your dreams of studying abroad. Despite shocking trends of the COVID-19 outbreak that may leave, you worried about studying overseas this year. You aren’t alone in this, but remaining optimistic while following regulations stated out by WHO will keep you safe. Try pursuing an online class as you prepare for the end of the pandemic to keep you busy.

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