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8 Key Elements for Writing Great Social Media Posts

Social media has become one of the best and easiest platforms to put your voice through. Earlier it was much more difficult to raise your concern and get your word across your town. Social media has made it possible to spread your posts across continents within seconds. Hashtags on Instagram, viral videos on Youtube, or a trending post on Facebook are a few methods to your social media presence lit.

While social media has helped, it has also become a host of fake news just to gain more likes and popularity. This becomes a reason for concern because good authentic social media posts remain hidden and go unseen. Writing for social media can be tricky and that is where this article comes in. We are going to share some mind-blowing elements that can help you write great posts.

Why Do You Need Great Posts?

Great social media posts help you to create a positive influence on social media. Such a positive presence can help you to get engaged and your voice will be heard throughout the social media community. Following are some of the reasons why you must stress on the quality of the social media post:

● The Audience is Listening to You. Your audience is waiting to hear some good and authentic posts laid out perfectly. Lack of audience is never a problem. The problem is either overriding posts that contain some viral content or the posts not being written properly. Addressing the post to the right people in the correct manner will make your social media writing great.

● Reflects You & Your Thoughts. Your posts need to be good because they reflect you and your personality. As the post creator, you need to keep in mind what you will think when you look at this post. When you are careless, your posts are careless too. On the other hand, good and meticulous posts reflect a person who cares.

● Sloppy Posts Can Impact Negatively on Readers. When your posts are disorganized, the followers will not be able to understand what you were trying to say. Even though the content might be creative and useful, it has to be organized and formatted in a manner that people would want to see and read.

● To Create an Online Presence. Your social media posts will be read by millions of people worldwide. If they are good and worthy of society, people will wait for the next post or would engage with you. Great posts help to create a social media presence.

● To Spread Your Positivity. If your posts are well-written, your positive thoughts can reach millions and spread that feeling. Nowadays, people are under a lot of stress and social media is like an escape world. A positive thought can bring smiles everywhere.

● To Enhance Awareness. There are many social issues that people need to talk about. Social media is a great place to raise concerns about such issues. Again, the posts need to be interesting and engaging to attract people and provide a platform to join forces.

● In the Time of Need to Raise Your Voice. There are various cases where the police and the government cannot help because of the system and law. But people have the power to raise their voices and social media is the platform. A properly engaging post will be able to reach the right ears. The social media uprising is difficult to suppress.

● Good for Business and Branding. Finally, social media branding serves as the best marketing strategy right now. Your business logo and well-written posts can help to create brand awareness.

So What Are Key Elements to Write Great Posts?

There are many points to remember while writing a social media post. If you need help while writing an essay about social media you can prefer to pay someone to do your assignment or you can do it on your own. It depends on you. However, whether it is for a social cause or a business branding, some basic key elements apply to both. We will provide you with the 8 key features of each social media platform while adding the main elements of each of them. Let’s start with the most popular social networks!


It is a great place to show your concern or interest in detail. Facebook is one of those platforms that provides you with numerous ideas of a post. It has been the favorite social media for US teens since 2012. 

1. Add a Short Video. 

Facebook videos are the trending feature right now especially, since the fact that you can watch the video with subtitles provides a wider demographic. Adding a short video around 1 to 3 minutes long can prove to be very engaging. Those videos along with a short CTA can work pretty well for your post. The quality of the video must be good.

2. The Brief Length of Post

Facebook comes with no limit and therefore, you must limit your post to 5-6 sentences maximum. In this world of video and pictures, long texts just seem boring. You might want to break it into points. Keep it short and concise.

3. Finish the Post with a Question

Give the audience something to talk about. A question at the end of the post or a CTA would be a great idea to engage with the target audience one on one. Better than yes or no questions, give them something to ponder over. For example, solutions to the problem.  

4. Tag People

Facebook has a very old tradition of tagging people. Initially, this feature was used to tag people in a photo to recognize them. But you can tag people involved in the project or business to get more attention. It is because their friends will see the post too.

5. Use the Location Services

Facebook has a feature where it lets you add location. This feature is good for online services as it lets the people of that demographic area go through your post. Use it as an advertising feature in that area to get more customers.

6. Appropriate Hashtags

Don’t fill the post with hashtags just to get more eyes and ears. Hashtags are not so popular with Facebook. Still add the appropriate hashtags that you think are necessary for the post. Don’t reach 5 hashtags. It just sounds desperate and cringy. 

7. Text + Picture or a Cute Animation

You don’t have to go for a video, you may just add a picture with 2-3 lines written about it. Some influences like to add an animation too. A moving object is said to gain more attention. Make sure you describe your picture if it is not clear already.

8. Stories

Another cool element that can be used to gain the trust of the netizens. Stories let you upload pictures, videos or write text temporarily. Stories are the best to stay connected with your audience. 


One of the ruling social media platforms is Instagram. The users’ number might go up from 107.2 million in 2019 to 120.3 million in 2023 in the USA. These numbers just refer to the fact that the popularity of Instagram is increasing. One of the major reasons is the fact that Instagram lets you put only images and videos and minimal text. Now let us talk about how you can make great Instagram posts.   

1. Caption Length

Instagram comes with a limit but you would want to tone it down to one line. Instagram is more about the picture or the video. If you write more than 5 sentences, people won’t read the rest of it. You can provide a link to a blogpost or bio to find out more.

2. High-Quality Pictures

Since the main focus of Instagram is the photo that you upload, make sure the photo is clear, of high-quality, and relatable to the content of the post.

3. Short Video

It is very popular to upload short videos nowadays on Instagram. You may also use other video features like boomerang, layout, superzoom, or you may want to go live too.  

4. Describe the Context

Always make sure you describe what the post is all about. This makes sure the message is clear for everyone. Always provide a translation to English if your post is in a different language.

5. Leave it Open for Comments

Finish the post with a question to discuss in the comments. People always find it interesting and engaging. It gives people the power to put their voice out there. You are giving them a platform and making them feel important.

6. You May Add a CTA

If your post is related to a marketing gig, add a CTA at the end. The interested people will have a place to go to after reading your post.  

7. Use Emojis that Suit Your Post

Instagram lets users use amazing emojis. Apart from showing your emotions, you may use the emojis to break your sentences or even just put an emoji as a caption. Make sure they are relevant.

8. Add Useful Hashtags

Instagram is the platform that started the trend of hashtags. But don’t put too many hashtags as it will make your post look shabby. For example, 2-3 proper hashtags are good for any post. Use the ones that bring in a large number of an audience, common and simple hashtags as #students or #community.


Every social media is different and you must not have the same approach towards them. Twitter is a unique one but comes with a lot of limitations. But once you hit the right buttons, your tweets can fly high. Have a look at the points that can make you tweet better.  

1. To the Point

A tweet must be short and to the point. Stories and riddles won’t work here. The maximum limit of 140 characters limits your place.

2. Give People Something to Retweet About

If you post about something helpful or trending, your friends or other people might retweet about it. It is always a good idea to put forth a post about any current event.

3. Images that Speak for Themselves

Twitter lets you add images or videos. You may want to add an image that you don’t have to explain with 100 more words because you don’t have the place.   

4. Adding Gifs or Videos

It is always a great idea to involve short videos and GIFs. They are good for the audience in understanding. Visual material is always working great for your promo campaign.

5. Don’t Tag Random People

Tagging people who are not involved in the post or the photo is just a show of desperation. It does not work very well with the social media presence. Tag people who are there otherwise do not tag anyone.

6. Definitely Don’t Cringe with Hashtags

Again, hashtags should not be misused in any social media platform including Twitter. Stuffing your tweet with hashtags won’t let you write about the post.

7. Add a Link

Leave a link to your website or blog where they can get more information. Leaving the link has always worked for Twitter because of the limited space. 

8. Tweets-threading

The trending feature of Twitter is tweets-thread. All the tweets related to one post can be combined. It can be used to relate content and to engage the audience.

Extra Tips and General Practices to Write Better Posts

All your social media accounts always need some general practices to keep up with the events and netizens. If you want to make your posts worthwhile, make sure you follow these practices:

Be Consistent

Be consistent with your uploads and updates. Even if it is a monthly upload, it would be good to post something every month. Remain consistent and your audience will be waiting for those uploads.

Reply to Comments

When you leave the question to answer, make sure you go back and reply to the comments. If you want your audience to engage, you also have to put in some effort.  

Accept Negative & Positive Sides

Not all comments will be positive, there will be many negative comments. Some might be infuriating and others are just dumb. If there is anything constructive, take that advice and thank them with a smile too. Learn to ignore stupid comments.

Post Authentic News

There is no lack of fake and dumb news across the world on social media. Your responsibility is to post authentic news. If you hear vague news, you might want to clear out the cloud by doing some research. 


There you go! Those are some important tips that have been beneficial to social media influencers and marketing worldwide. It is crucial to see what suits your creativity and style. Utilize the tips to the maximum to create a positive influence on social media. It might be easy to spread negative thoughts and controversy but no controversy lives longer than a positive help. Your social media posts might help someone and uplift their moods.

Yes, social media has a lot of control over how people feel. Make an effort to spread the good and happy moments. Also, make sure the news you are sharing is true and original. Writing for social media might be tricky but with the above tips, you can make flawless posts.

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