A few days after the country’s borders reopened, cases imported from the new coronavirus almost doubled, going from 57 to 99. 

“The majority of cases come from the Dominican Republic and the United States,” two worthy sources told Le Nouvelliste. faith in the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) who reveal that the first 11 cases came from regular flights from the neighboring Dominican Republic.

“The cases that I know of have gone home to quarantine their homes. The Ministry of Public Health follows up. But I cannot guarantee you whether people stayed at home or not, if they respect the barrier gestures, “said one of the sources.

Between July 1 and 4, the Ministry of Public Health and Population recorded 42 new imported cases of coronavirus. According to the 94th MSPP bulletin published on Sunday July 5, 86% of these cases landed in the country of thefts from the Dominican Republic and 14% from the United States. Le Nouvelliste tried in vain to find an official source to gather additional information on the subject.

“This is a sensitive issue. Health Minister Gréta Roy Clément is expected to give a conference on Tuesday on the subject. “” The conference has been postponed, “said MSPP communications director Samson Jean Louis, contacted on the phone on Tuesday.

By the time scheduled flights resumed, a Covid-19 outbreak had been recorded in several countries, including the United States where Florida became onof the epicenters of the disease. 

Texas, Florida and California have daily records of the number of cases recorded. Worried, Dr. Serge Mistivar, a Haitian doctor who works at a hospital in Collier county, Florida, expressed his concerns on the Panel Magik show on July 3. Mr Mistivar believes that the country is at very great risk.

“Asymptomatic infected people pose a great danger to those around them since they can spread the virus without even realizing it,” said the doctor. In the same vein, doctors on the front line against the Covid-19 in Haiti contacted by the newspaper on July 6 say they are puzzled about the situation. They wonder if “indeed the health authorities have the means of their policy to give appropriate answers.” Continue reading.

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