President Jovenel Moïse has confirmed on his tweeter account that he  called Luis Abinader, the elected Dominican president of the Modern Revolutionary Party, to congratulate him on his victory in the recent elections. 

The Haitian president must be the first foreign head of state to salute the victory of his neighbor. The Central Electoral Meeting has not yet published the final ballot, but the success is irreversible given the results observed from counting of the majority of the votes.

Furthermore, internally, Abinader’s victory has already been recognized both by President Danilo Medina and by his two main competitors in the elections, Gonzalo Castillo (PLD) and Leonel Fernandez (FP), who lost to Abinader.

Indeed, President Moïse also made it clear in his tweet that he wished success to the elected president while reassuring him of his willingness to work to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries. 

By remembering the humanist, pragmatic and progressive character of Abinader’s conception of Haitian-Dominican relations as well as his respect for the Haitian people whom he calls “a sister nation”, we can say that this declaration of Haitian president translates a real concordance between the vision of the two men for the future of the two peoples. Continue reading.

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