As part of a courtesy visit made last Friday to the Office of the Protection of the Citizen (OPC),  HaitianPrime Minister, Joseph Jouthe, returned to the issue of prisoners recently pardoned by the president as a way to reduce congestion in prisons for Coronavirus prevention.

During a press briefing given by the head of government, Jouthe said that the actors who allegedly misled the president with regard to the choice of certain beneficiaries of the presidential pardon (people arrested for theft, rape, forcible confinement … which have not been tried), will be severely punished.

“If there has been disorder in the latest government decisions, the culprits will have to pay for it. Serving a society also means taking responsibility for your bad actions, ” said the Prime Minister, who invited the guilty parties to choose between dismissal or resignation.

The head of government also thanked officials of OPCofficials and human rights organizations that alerted the government of the identity of prisoners who should not benefit from the presidential pardon. He promised, on behalf of the executive, to make the corrections required by law. Continue reading.

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