Haiti’s gangs who have violent clashed among each other are now coalescing to form “G-9 and allies” The leader of this gang is Jimmy Chérizier, aka Barbecue. His atrocities are well documented by human rights organizations and he is wanted by the police.

In two reports published in June, human rights organizations RNDDH and FJKL said that it was a grouping of armed gangs close to the government for electoral purposes. 

According to the report:

“The G-9 is powerful. One of its leaders, Jimmy Chérizier, aka Barbecue, says he wants to take control of several disadvantaged neighborhoods in the country. G-9 members participate in high-level meetings, are consulted by state authorities and their advice is taken into account. For example, on the recommendation of the G-9, the state authorities proceeded to the appointment, on June 4, 2020, of Frantz IDERICE at the head of the Social Assistance Fund (CAS) 

“With the G-9, the government is seeking to control the Fontamara – Cité Soleil axis in order to impose silence on its adversaries and win by all means the next elections and ensure the return to power of Joseph Michel Martelly”, denounces the FJKL in its report.

Joël Vorbe, a member of Fanmi Lavalas’ executive board, believes that the G-9 is not just a group of armed gangs, “but allies of power, legal bandits. Today, the government is just putting everyone on the wall to accept the phenomenon. ” He said that after the departure 

of President Jovenel Moïse, the new chief of the transitional national police will be able to restore peace in all neighborhoods across the country. Joël Vorbebelieves that there is a consensus between the opposition political parties on Moise departure. “We are in talks with all political organizations without distinction. The opposition speaks with one voice, we demand the same thing: Jovenel Moïse must leave … “,Vorbe said. Continue reading.

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