The reopened Toussaint Louverture International Airport expects, on July 1, 2020, 4 to 5 flights, or about 400 passengers, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said.

“Passengers do not need to take the Covid-19 test at this time. They do not have the material time to do so at the moment, according to what the airlines tell us, “said Prime Jouthe, stressing that” for the next 15 days, the passengers who arrive will go into home quarantine and the MSPP will continue to follow up. ” 

However, “after these 15 days, a circular will call for the test of the Covid-19”. “A form will be available on a site. It is with this form that the passenger will confirm his reservation with the airline, “informed Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe, stressing that the airport has reopened” under pressure from the diaspora “, for economic reasons, because there is no It was no longer possible to continue to pay the staff of a closed airport and because all the airports in the region reopened. “All the airports in the region are forced to reopen. We cannot afford the luxury of being at odds with this movement that is taking place at international airports, “said Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe. 

Asked about fears of the introduction of the virulent strain of Covid-19 when cases of contamination explode in Brazil and Florida where there is a large Haitian community, the head of government assumes. “Of course, the fears are there and are for all countries. Fears of the introduction of the virulent strain or that which entered Haiti exist, ” Jouthe said. 

He ensures that the authorities observe what is happening all over the world on the evolution of the pandemic. “Of course, we are even more afraid of the situation in Florida,” said the head of government: “We are very, very worried about what is happening in Florida and we continue to take the barrier measures. This is why we ask passengers to go into home quarantine. If the person has symptoms, they will be taken care of by the MSPP, “added Joseph Jouthe, who goes on to scientific considerations regarding the risks after the opening of Toussaint Louverture International Airport. Continue reading.

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