No less than five people were killed last week in partsof the metropolitan area. If the armed gangs that clashed in several municipalities bordering the capital to control more territory observed a “truce”, insecurity has not diminished. 

In an address to the nation on Monday, the President of the Republic praised the memory of all the victims of the recent days of insecurity in the country. JovenelMoïse asked the authorities concerned to do their work.

No one can determine with certainty how many illegal weapons are currently in circulation in the territory. Often on social media networks, armed groups, to show their strike force, are filmed with large automatic weapons.

The head of state said he had formally instructed the authorities to put out of harm’s way “all the thugs who spread terror in Haitian families. The battle is not easy, but the justice and the police must work together to give results in the prevention of insecurity ”, demanded Moïse in his address to announce the resumption of the activities in the country after more than three months of health emergency to deal with the spread of the coronavirus.

If the Minister of Justice and Public Security had openly accused human rights organizations of being in league with armed groups and of having opposed operations to dislodge gangs, the President adopts a completely different approach.

“My brothers and sisters of human rights associations, it is in joint work with the authorities, civil society and all organized sectors that we will manage to uproot the problem of the violation of human rights in Haiti”, Moïse said. Continue reading.

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