Life is good for the Moises / Jouthe administration. Without any counter-power, it spends as it sees fit, issues decrees that please it, frees the prisoners itwants.

What could be more beautiful than to lead without Parliament and with a tattered judicial system? If it is true that a third of the Senate is still in office, it seems that their tasks can only be summed up by spending the budget allocated to the Grand Corps. While it is true that the judiciary exists, it increasingly gives the appearance of a toothless power. 

In Brazil, we saw a judge demanding that President Jair Bolsonaro wear a mask in public during the time of the coronavirus. In the United States, it is common for the justice system to block decisions by President Donald Trump. With us, the judges go on strike, President Jovenel Moïse publishes his decrees.

The latest decree is the new penal code that the executive publishes in the official newspaper Le Moniteur. The move is causing a stir on social media, but we don’t know much about the document yet. We must remember that this decision involves the future of the whole nation. This is why specialists, beyond the debate for or against Moïse, must help the population to dissect the document. The state will not do it. We owe neither communication of the text nor explanation of its implications. Continue reading.

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