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Haiti: Five suspects are arrested in Delmas carnage

Haitian law enforcement officials said that hey have arrested five suspects into the shooting death of Norvella Bellamy, Daphnée Fils-Aimé, his partner, and another unidentified man during a political meeting of the Regroupement patriotes responsable (RPR) party, in rue Lespinasse, Delmas 75, Saturday afternoon.

“Among these 5 suspects, two participated in the meeting,” said Commissioner Maxime Augustin. Two of them had taken part in the meeting the day before.

“The police and the justice system are investigating. There will be no abuse, but the perpetrators and co-perpetrators will be found,” said the government commissioner of Croix-des-Bouquets.

“This is an investigation that I take to heart. NorvellaBellamy was a friend. I could have attended this meeting, “he said.

Delmas Deputy Justice of the Peace Jean FlauryRaymond, citing the testimony of a maid, said that the victims participated in “a political meeting of the Regroupement Patriotes Responsable (RPR) party when a discussion broke out and beatings broke out. been drawn. ” Continue reading.

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Jun. 29, 2020

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