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Haitian National Police tanks being used by gangs, Joseph Jouthe is looking for evidence

Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said the government is looking into allegations that police armored vehicles are being used by gangs.

The accusations were made by local human rights organizations which reported that armored vehicles were used by armed bandits at the time of the assassinations and fires in Pont-Rouge and Cité Soleil.

“It would be very serious but that remains to be proven (…) I am looking for evidence to find out whether the police used armored vehicles to protect bandits,” Jouthe said. “Whatever the case, we deplore it.”

The prime minister said that he welcomed the report and an investigation is underway. 

“We take them seriously and will do everything we have to do within the limits of the law,” he said.

The head of government assured that the names of all the people – police officer or not mentioned in these reports interest the authorities. Continue reading.

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Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Jun. 26, 2020

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