Emmanuel Constant, the former head of the death squad, FRAPH, sentenced in 2000 in absentia to a term of hard labor for life, will have to face Haitian justice after leaving the country in 1994. Upon his arrival, the The accused was apprehended by agents of the judicial police then kept in police custody.

At a press conference this Thursday, June 25, the Minister of Justice,  Lucmanne Delille hinted that the case is continuing. 

“He will be transferred to Gonaïves. The Ministry of Justice is not the judge of the case. We have played our part. For the time being, Emmanuel Constant says Toto Constant is at the disposal of the justice system for the charges against him, “he said.

For its part, the United States Department of Homeland Security issued a note to the effect that it sent Emmanuel Constant back to Haiti. “We are awaiting justice for the victims of the Raboteau massacre and other crimes for which Constant must be held accountable. Haitian justice promotes the rule of law and puts an end to impunity, “the note said. Continue reading.

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