The Dominican Republic has registered 28, 631 cases of people with the Coronavirus while there are 5, 324 cases in Haiti. 

These figures can be a sham if one analyzes the progression of the pandemic only on the basis of confirmed cases. On the other hand, when we look at the curve of the progression of the pandemic since the first two confirmed cases in Haiti, we see that the trajectory is almost the same and the fight has only just begun.

Edwin Paraison, executive director of the ZileFoundation,  recalled that “on June 19, which marks the three months of the pandemic in Haiti where the first two cases were detected 18 days after the Dominican Republic, 122,646 tests were done for an average of 1,104 per day compared to 5,077 in Haiti for an average of 108 per day.  Still to fully appreciate the rising curve,  Paraison nevertheless emphasizes that the first case of death in the two countries was recorded after 16 (DR) and 17 (Haiti) days of crisis management. 

During the last two weeks on both sides of the island, the situation has worsened with 665 deaths and an increase in hospitalization cases which have led the Dominican government to slow down the deconfinement process, Paraison said.

The progression of the pandemic in the two countries remains a major concern of officials working in theborder areas. For his part, Mr. Paraison notes: “Despite the militarization of the border by the Dominican Republic, almost 300,000 movements were recorded in both directions by the IOM as part of its DTM monitoring program, including 57,669 voluntary returns since the borders were closed. ” Continue reading.

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  1. Our family is considering visiting Haiti and the Dominican Republic in August to attend a wedding of a friend there and will stay one week, but should we be concerned with the covid19 pandemic going on to be visiting at this time,(August, 2020 )? And what restrictions are in place, and whats needed along with our U.S. Passports?
    Is there any problem in crossing into Haiti from the Dominican Republic at the borders?

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