The Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications (TPTC), the engineer Nader Joiséus, is demanding that the French firm Alstom Comelex GE to redo work two of three 18-megawatt turbines at the Péligre hydroelectric plant, that broke down 3 months after more than a year of work.

The firms, The Alstom Comelex GE firm, for repairs, and the German supervision firm Fitchnner have received $100 million for the project financed by the International Bank of Development and the German Bank of Development. 

The two failed turbines are damaging in more ways than one to the state which, not having the 54 megawatts of Péligre, makes fuel disbursements to run its thermal power plants. Haiti has been experienced chronic shortage of electricity in the last two years partly due to social unrests and the technical problems at the Peligre plant. 

In a meeting with the IDB on the case, the Minister of TPTC said he was “revolted” and “surprised” by the attitude of the supervisory firm, which, far from defending the interests of the State, was more interested in payment invoices on the 10% of the remaining amount only on the repair of the two turbines. 

The minister said that there was either lightness, ignorance or nastiness on the part of the supervisory firm which was to report on the quality and duration of these repairs. Continue reading.

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  1. Quite honestly, I cannot understand why and how haitiens could spend their lives asking other hard working people for money. Their are good at nothing other than living as parasites. When the money comes they just put it theither pockets and nothing is done. They are shameless .Ilook at the people and see if they are part of the plot to collect. Look at the streets are they cleaned ? Nope . Nothing is done. Those are criminal activities that should be addressed.

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