Nationally, there are only 26 Covid-19 support sites. The country, which has been affected since March 19 by this pandemic, has 1,011 beds to receive patients. After more than three months of the introduction of the virus in Haiti, it is this Monday, June 23 that Dr. Nathan Zéphirin, coordinator of the crisis cell of the new coronavirus, announces the deployment of four teams which will travel to four departments to study the establishment of the sites.

The announcement for several weeks of the opening of the Canaan pick-up site was finally finalized on Tuesday, June 23. 

During a press conference which was followed by a guided tour of the structure, the site manager, Dr Roudy Sylien, announced that nearly 200 employees are assigned to it, including doctors and nurses who say they are more and more motivated.

“The center is now ready and operational. We started receiving our first patients this morning, ”said Dr. Sylien. 

The Olympic center located on Route 9, in front of Canaan, has been redeveloped into a Level I Covid-19 center (patients with mild or moderate complications who would not require respiratory assistance). Its capacity is 150 beds. A symptomatic patient can come by himself or he can be referred.

“We have a very young and very dynamic team. I take this opportunity to salute their enthusiasm. We have 30 doctors and about 50 nurses. We have internists, but we need other specialties, including pediatricians and family doctors, “said the doctor, adding that the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) is working hard to facilitate the availability of these specialists. Continue reading.

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