During a site visit underway at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, on Sunday Jovenel Moise saidthat the question of reopening the airport  has been seriously studied in the Council of Ministers. He noted that work has been done there in recent days to comply with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

According to Moise, all countries are reopening their land and air borders while those in Haiti remain closed due to the Coronavirus.

“It can be very serious for the country if we do not balance the management of the Coronavirus crisis with that caused by the downturn in the economy,” Moïsesaid.

However, he suggested that formal reopening depends on several parameters. Meanwhile the Task Force is working on it. It may also be possible, he added, that the reopening will take place before June 30 which is not really a deadline.

“I would like that within 24 to 48 hours we find a definitive answer for the reopening so that the other entities that will be responsible for enforcing barrier gestures at the airport level are ready,” Moïse said.Continue reading.

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