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Maurice Guillaume

Rev. Dr. Maurice Guillaume and his wife Bremilia Lucien-Guillaume.

Rev. Dr. Maurice Guillaume was born on September 22, 1932 in Petit-Goâve Haiti. After his high school and college studies at Alexande Petion, Maurice Guillaume joined the Salvation Army where he became an officer, and an ordained minister of the Christian faith and rose through the ranks of Major and Master Sargent. Rev. Dr. Maurice Guillaume continued his theological studies in 1955, and in 1957 he was ordained, legally registered as a clergy and appointed to the pastorate in Port-au-Prince by his uncle who was at the time, well-known Minister of Religious Affairs of the Government of Haiti, Bishop Carrier Guillaume. He opened his own church that he called: “Armee du Christ.” Under his leadership the ministry blossomed.

Bremelia Lucien-Guillaume

Bremelia Lucien-Guillaume was born in Jacmel, Haiti on October 2, 1940, though she grew up in Port-au-Prince. After completing her primary and secondary education at Ecole Feminine du Nord, she went to apprenticeship school where she obtained her certificate of completion as a seamstress. She went on to become a successful young woman entrepreneur, using her skills as a seamstress. She became a Christian at the age of eight, and was baptized at the age of 16. She became an active member of the Church of God In Christ, where she met and married Rev. Dr. Maurice Guillaume. In the 1960’s she came to the United States to seek a better life for her family while her husband remained in Haiti with their children to continue pastoring his thriving church and orphanage. They later came and joined her in the states where she worked with dedication for the Federal Government for over 30 years until her retirement and was given honorable citations for being a model federal employee who was always on time and had good work ethics

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