I had decided I was not going to write about this, but I couldn’t hear so many opinions and look the other way. As some matters are disputable, except Karim Benzema’s incident, which was a very clear shoulder and thus a legal action, each person defends with the same vehemence their own position rather than being impartial.

The job of the referee is to evaluate and decide on the issues which are not so clear, and VAR decides the obvious matters, such as whether the ball crossed the line or if it was offside. In Vitolo’s goal for Atletico Madrid against Valladolid, there was no possible controversy, it was verified that the ball had entirely crossed the line and it could not be discussed. Goal.

But of course, when we get to the question of evaluation, as is the case in at least two of the three controversial moments between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad, the word robbery appears.

This is a complete lack of respect for an increasingly professional refereeing team, when each are better prepared and more helped than ever by audiovisual means  Continue reading

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